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Chinese Online Dating Etiquette

Online dating has proven to be one of the most effective ways to meet singles not just from one’s own country but with men and women from different parts of the world. The phenomenal rise of interracial relationships in recent years can be attributed to the promising gateway that is cyberspace, which knows no geographical, racial, or cultural boundaries. Just like in many parts of the world, China has embraced the development as reflected by the continuous boom of Chinese dating websites.

Despite the invigorating liberty that the Internet gives its users, online dating requires a set of rules and etiquettes so that anyone who engages in it remains safe and protected.  This set of guidelines also helps you avoid wasting your time, being disappointed, and hurting someone else’s feelings.

Be Honest With Your Intentions

First of all, always keep in mind that online dating is not a game that you engage in to have a good time and toy with another person’s feelings. Despite the absence of a physical interaction, it involves real people and real feelings. Even if you are not engaging in it for possible romance, use it at the very least to make friends with people from diverse backgrounds. Always be honest with your intentions.

Protect Your Identity

There are countless dating websites out there, and it is best to try a few before you settle on the one that you think suits your preferences. Check each website’s policies and choose the ones whose guidelines you most agree with. Also, to avoid spam and email abuse, create a separate e-mail for your dating profile account.

Advertise Yourself

Your profile is your way to sell yourself so make sure you are honest with what you what and you advertise yourself well. Be honest most especially when indicating your age because it is one of the most crucial details and it may cause serious conflict in the future if the other person finds out you lied about your real age. Choose your best current photo, not the ones of you from years ago.

Keep Conversations Real But Simple

It is okay to send requests to several girls at the start, as long as you have not made any exclusive commitment with anybody. Converse with her in depth, but at the onset, avoid giving too much personal detail. Start with a friendly conversation. It is always best to begin talking about hobbies, interests, and favorites. Reserve information such as jobs, families, and religion for when you are seriously pursuing a relationship with her. Avoid using foul language and expletives and be polite all the time.

Keep your first conversation short but substantial. Let her know if you are interested to meet or converse again and inform her of the time. Be mindful of your time differences and if possible, adjust to the time most convenient for her. Most Chinese women expect the man to take the lead in conversations. Don’t worry if she seems hesitant to initiate conversation topics. Be prepared to steer the conversation without having to ask them to expose too much about themselves.

Be Generous but Genuine with Compliments

A Chinese girl will find it flattering if you compliment her looks and at the same time will be bashful about it. Go easy with your compliments as she may find it insincere if you go overboard.

If you are meeting her in person for the first time and thinking of giving her a gift, avoid presenting her with something that is too expensive (such as jewelry) because it may turn her off and think you see her as too materialistic. Chocolates and flowers are already thoughtful and romantic enough.

For Western men dating Chinese women, take note that Asians are known for their politeness and tact. Talk to her politely and understand that she may be quite reserved and shy during your first conversations. It is important that you are attentive and listens carefully to what she says. China Love Match is a popular Chinese dating website, where many Western men have found their match in a safe and trusted dating environment.